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Manufacturer of injection water equipment

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Injection water equipment is a professional equipment used to prepare injection water that meets medical standards. This equipment adopts advanced technology and materials, which can remove impurities, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances from water, ensuring that the prepared injection water meets national drug standards and medical safety requirements.

Multi effect distillation machine

The main components of injection water equipment include raw water tank, multimedia filter, activated carbon filter, water softener, security filter, reverse osmosis device, multi effect distillation machine, ultraviolet sterilizer, pasteurization system, and purified water booster pump. These components play different roles and together ensure the stable water production of the water system.

The working principle of the equipment can be divided into three main steps: water quality treatment, heating and pressurization, and conveying filtration. Firstly, the equipment uses ion exchange and reverse osmosis technology to treat water quality, removing impurities, organic matter, inorganic salts, trace elements, and heavy metal ions from the water, and obtaining high-purity water. Then, the heating and pressurization systems inside the equipment will heat and pressurize the high-purity water to reach the required injection temperature and pressure. Finally, the injection water that has been heated and pressurized is transported to the destination through a delivery pipeline.

In addition to preparing injection water, injection water equipment can also be used in other fields, such as cleaning experimental equipment and diluting reagents in the laboratory, cleaning surgical sites in medical surgeries, soaking medical equipment, as well as dissolving drugs and diluting injections in injection therapy.

With the continuous development of the medical industry and the increasing requirements for the quality of injection water, the injection water equipment industry is also constantly growing and expanding. In the future, the industry will continue to focus on technological innovation and product upgrades to meet higher standards of medical needs. At the same time, enterprises in the industry also need to pay attention to relevant laws, regulations, and ethical norms, ensure that their business operations are legal and compliant, and actively participate in industry exchanges and cooperation to jointly promote the healthy development of the industry.

Overall, injection water equipment has broad application value in the medical field, providing important support and guarantee for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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We are a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment in China, including R & D and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training and consulting.




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