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Pure Steam Generator Manufacturer

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A pure steam generator is a device specifically designed to generate high-purity steam. Its working principle mainly involves heating pure water to convert it into clean steam. This type of equipment is widely used in industries such as medicine, biotechnology, chemicals, and food to meet strict requirements for steam purity and sterility in the process.

Pure steam generator

The main characteristics of a pure steam generator include:

Efficient and energy-saving: By adopting advanced heating technology and intelligent control systems, it can effectively improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Safe and reliable: The equipment is designed reasonably, operates stably, and is equipped with multiple safety protection devices. It can timely cut off the power or fuel supply in case of abnormal situations, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

Environmentally friendly and clean: By adopting clean combustion technology, the emissions of exhaust gas and smoke are reduced, resulting in lower environmental pollution. At the same time, the equipment can also recover and utilize the waste heat and steam generated, further reducing energy waste and environmental pollution.

Easy to operate: The device has the characteristics of intelligence and automation, making it easy to operate and can be customized and combined according to different needs and scenarios.

High water quality requirements: Due to the need for pure steam generators to produce high-purity steam, the water quality requirements are relatively high. It is usually necessary to use strictly treated pure water as the raw material to avoid the impact of impurities in the water on the purity of the steam.

The application fields of pure steam generators are very extensive. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used for the production, disinfection, and sterilization processes of pharmaceuticals, biological products, medical devices, etc; In the field of biotechnology, it can be used for laboratory research, cell culture, genetic engineering, and other aspects; In the chemical and food industries, it can be used in processes such as chemical reactions, heating, drying, and disinfection.

Overall, pure steam generators are efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly equipment that can meet various industrial application needs with strict requirements for steam purity. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, pure steam generators will continue to play an important role in providing more pure and efficient steam solutions for various industries.


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We are a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment in China, including R & D and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training and consulting.




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