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The Overall Solution for Qirui Pharmaceutical's Water System

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The Overall Solution for Qirui Pharmaceutical's Water System

In the pharmaceutical industry, water is one of the most basic and critical raw materials, and its quality directly affects the safety and effectiveness of the final drug. Therefore, the selection and use of pharmaceutical water equipment has become a key direction for pharmaceutical companies to research and optimize. This article will delve into the standards and classifications of pharmaceutical water, the selection principles of pharmaceutical water equipment, key components and maintenance knowledge, to help practitioners and relevant personnel comprehensively understand and grasp the core elements of pharmaceutical water equipment.

Standard and classification of pharmaceutical water

According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and relevant international regulations, pharmaceutical water can be divided into several categories: purified water, injection water, and high-purity distilled water. Each water quality has strict quality requirements for microorganisms, organic matter, and inorganic salts. Purified water is mainly used in pharmaceutical production, equipment cleaning, and other occasions; Injection water is used for dissolving or diluting to prepare injections; High purity distilled water is often used for specific drug production or experimental analysis.

Principles for selecting pharmaceutical water equipment

When selecting pharmaceutical water equipment, the following principles should be followed:

1. Meet water use standards: The equipment should be able to produce water quality requirements that comply with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia or relevant pharmacopoeia.

2. System stability: The equipment should operate stably and reliably, ensuring long-term provision of pharmaceutical water that meets standards.

3. Easy to maintain and manage: The structural design should be reasonable and convenient for daily maintenance and monitoring.

4. Economic considerations: comprehensively consider the purchase cost, operating cost, and maintenance cost of equipment, and pursue the optimal cost-effectiveness ratio.

The core technology of pharmaceutical water equipment

Reverse osmosis technology

Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is one of the core technologies in pharmaceutical water treatment, which removes the vast majority of inorganic salts, organic matter, bacteria and other impurities from water under high pressure through a semi permeable membrane. However, the RO system is prone to contamination and membrane blockage, so pre-treatment equipment is usually equipped in front of the RO system, and regular cleaning and maintenance are carried out.

Electrodeionization technology

Electrodeionization (EDI) technology effectively removes ion components from water through the action of special resins and electric fields. EDI equipment can be combined with RO to further purify water quality and produce high-purity water.

Distillation technology

Traditional distillation is one of the main methods for producing injection water and high-purity distilled water. By heating and evaporating the condensed water vapor, almost all impurities in the raw water are removed. The multi effect distillation equipment in modern pharmaceutical water equipment improves distillation efficiency by utilizing thermal energy level differences.

Key components of equipment and their maintenance

Preprocessing module

To protect the subsequent RO membrane and EDI equipment, the pretreatment module removes suspended solids, organic matter, and residual chlorine from the raw water through quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters, etc. Regular replacement and cleaning of this module is crucial to ensuring the normal operation of the system.

RO membrane and EDI module

The RO membrane and EDI module are the core components of pharmaceutical water equipment, which directly affect the quality of effluent. They require regular backwashing and chemical cleaning to remove accumulated pollutants and extend their service life.

Control System

Modern pharmaceutical water equipment generally adopts automated control systems, which can monitor water quality in real time and adjust operating parameters. Regular inspection and maintenance of the control system can prevent system failures and ensure stable supply of pharmaceutical water.

Select pharmaceutical water equipment based on actual conditions

When selecting pharmaceutical water equipment, pharmaceutical companies should comprehensively consider factors such as their own water consumption, water quality requirements, spatial conditions, and budget, and choose equipment and technology paths that are suitable for their own conditions. Meanwhile, establishing a comprehensive water quality monitoring and maintenance system to ensure the long-term stable supply of pharmaceutical water is an important component of quality management in pharmaceutical enterprises.

In summary, the selection and management of pharmaceutical water equipment is a comprehensive and continuously optimized process. By selecting equipment reasonably, strictly implementing operating procedures and maintenance plans, we can continuously provide high-quality pharmaceutical water that meets standards, providing a solid foundation for ensuring drug quality and patient safety.


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