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LCZ Type Steam Heated Pure Vapor Generator(PSG)

  • LCZ-2000

  • pure steam

  • ISO

  • Computerized

  • New

  • SS304 & SS316L

  • Grundfos( Denmark)/CNP

  • 45 Working Days

  • Ordinary Wooden Case

  • Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

  • Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Equipment

  • High Precision

  • 380V

  • Customized

  • 1 Year

  • Siemens(Germany)

  • Semi-Auto/Full-Auto

  • Qirui

  • 700*900*2500(mm)

Model & Specification Description:
LCZ Type Steam Heated Pure Vapor Generator(PSG)
Purified water will generate secondary steam heated by the steam in the boiler in the generator, and the toxin and bacteria in it will be removed, the resulting steam is called pure steam for short.
Pure steam generator is widely applicable for the sterilizing and disinfecting of pipes and storing tanks in pharmaceutical, foods, beverage industries.
LCZ series pure steam generator is mainly used for the disinfection and sterilization in the pipes, containers and other equipments of pharmaceuticals, medical treatment sanitation, biological and food industry. It is an important part of big transfusion production line. It can effectively avoid the substance repollution caused by the impurities such as heavy metal progon and so on. Besides, it meets the GMP and CGMP demands.
The technical requirements of the machine meet the JB20031-2004 pure steam generator pharmaceutical machinery industry standards.
The condensed water, cooling from the pure steam, shall meet all the quality standards of water for injection of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010.

A condenser can be selected and used for the production of water for inspection and can have the following characteristics:
1. The output is increased from 50L/h to 2000L/h.
2. During the condensing process, the generated water for injection complies with the US-(USP), European-(EP) and other pharmacy specifications.
3. The pure steam with high quality can be ensured by the separation system.
4. The overflowing part is made of stainless steel 316L and the other part is made of SS304.
5. Complete verification supporting document system.

Working Principle:
The equipment has 3 parts, evaporator, preheater and electric automatic control. The evaporator is adopted the special separating way: membrane evaporation + gravity sedimentation + wire despumation.
The qualified raw water is input into the preheater after increased the pressure by multilevel pump, and then passed through the flow meter. After heating exchange, the temperature is lower 10-15 than the temperature of heating steam water in evaporator. Next the raw water is input into the raw water distributor of the evaporator, which is spouted to the inside of the heating tubes. So that the raw water in the tube is flowed as membrane. Then the raw water is became the second steam with drip, which is boiloff by boiler steam. The steam is entered into the third grade separating setting from bottom of the heating tube, after separation, it is produced the ultra-pure pyrogen-free steam. It can be online inspected the conductivity of the pure steam condensate water, so it can be inspected that whether the pure steam is qualified. In the evaporator, the boiler steam is absorbed by raw water, and then it is condensed into condensed water as heating for pre-heater. And the preheated raw water is drained from incondensable outlet of pre-heater.

Main Technical Data Table:
Specification Steam Pressure
Steam Output
of Steam
Consumption of Purified Water (L/h) Pure Steam Pressure
L* W* H

LCZ-100 0.3 100 130 125 0.3 700*900*2500
LCZ-200 0.3 200 260 250 0.3 700*1000*2700
LCZ-300 0.3 300 390 375 0.3 800*1100*2800
LCZ-400 0.3 400 520 500 0.3 800*1200*3000
LCZ-500 0.3 500 650 625 0.3 800*1300*3100
LCZ-600 0.3 600 780 750 0.3 900*1300*3100
LCZ-700 0.3 700 910 875 0.3 900*1300*3100
LCZ-800 0.3 800 1040 1000 0.3 1000*1300*3200
LCZ-900 0.3 900 1170 1125 0.3 1000*1300*3200
LCZ-1000 0.3 1000 1300 1250 0.3 1200*1300*3200
LCZ-1500 0.3 1500 1950 1875 0.3 1400*1300*3200
LCZ-2000 0.3 2000 2600 2500 0.3 1400*1300*3200
LCZ Type Steam Heated Pure Vapor Generator(PSG)
LCZ Type Steam Heated Pure Vapor Generator(PSG)



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We are a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment in China, including R & D and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training and consulting.




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