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RO Water Softener for Drinking Water Treatment Unit

  • FSJ8000L-1

  • 98.0%

  • 8000L/h

  • 30 Working Days

  • Ordinary Wooden Case

  • ISO9001

  • Industry

  • UPVC/Stainless Steel

  • Qirui

  • Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

1 Applied in the areas where the salinity of the raw water is high
2 The electric conductivity of the water output is good
3 Low expendable investment
4 Low operating cost
5 Good stability

RO water filter system can treat tap water, well water, brackish water and sea water. This water filter can be used for drinking water, bottled water and industrial. Water filter using the advanced skills of reverse osmosis to purifying water. The RO membrane of this water filter is USA Hydranautics, this is the best RO membrane brand.
RO water treatment, the raw water is tap water, first goes by pre-treatment, then by RO treatment. Through those treatments, can remove dissolving salt 99% and harmful materials, like particle, colloid, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and heat source, etc. The system salt rejection rate gets 96-98%, outlet water conductivity gets ≤ 10μs/cm.

The pre-treatment equipment provided by the Qirui can be rinsed by the hot water of 85 temperature (if the customers have special requirement, active carbon filter can design as the pure steam washing for sterilization at the most certain), assure and control the index of the microbe. The filtration tank with stainless steel adopts 4mm without pollution glue inside the tank, preventing the inside wall of the stainless steel tank being corrupted.

Working Process:
Raw Water+ Raw Water Tank+ Raw Water Pump+ Multi-medium Filter/Sand Filter + Active Carbon Filter+ Chemicals Dosing Device+ Precision Filter + High Pressure Pump+ Reverse Osmosis Device+ Cleaning Device+ Pure Water Tank + Pure Water Pump+ UV Sterilizer + Water Supply Points
Main Parts Introduction:
1. Raw Water Pump -- provide the pressure to quartz sand filter/active carbon filter;
2. Multi-medium Filter -- get rid of turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, ect.;
3. Active Carbon Filter -- remove the color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, ect.;

4. Precision Filter -- can further remove the suspended solids and other impurity from water, is made of micro-hole chinaware, micro-hole non-toxin plastic and cell pipe core;
5. High Pressure Pump -- provide the high pressure to RO membrane;
6. RO System -- main part of the plant. The RO membrane's desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 99% ions.

Main Technical Date:

Model Water
Water Intake

Desalination Rate
of Working Water

FSJ41X-0.3XB 0.3 1.2 98 5-35
FSJ41X-0.5XB 0.5 2.0 98 5-35
FSJ42X-1XB 1 2.5 98 5-35
FSJ42R-2XB 2 3.6 97 5-35
FSJ42R-3XB 3 5.0 97 5-35
FSJ42R-4XB 4 5.3 97 5-35
FSJ82R-6XB 6 11 97 5-35
FSJ82R-8XB 8 13 97 5-35
FSJ83R-10XB 10 15 97 5-35
FSJ83R-15GB 15 20 97 5-35
FSJ84R-20GB 20 26 97 5-35
FSJ85R-25GB 25 35 97 5-35
FSJ86R-30G 30 40 97 5-35
FSJ86R-50G 50 67 97 5-35
FSJ86R-100G 100 135 97 5-35

Reference Process Flow Chart:

RO Water Softener for Drinking Water Treatment Unit



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We are a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment in China, including R & D and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training and consulting.




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